Glenn Geher For Ulster County Legislator

Standing for the people of the Town of Plattekill.
Standing for the values of the United States of America.
Vote Democratic in 2017.
Vote for the greater good.



Glenn Geher is running for the Ulster County Legislator in County District 12 (Plattekill) on the democratic line (with the unanimous support of the Plattekill Democratic Committee). A seasoned educator with an extensive record of leadership in both professional and community contexts and a long list of accomplishments (including two Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence from the State University of New York and the completion of 10 marathons), Glenn is well-positioned to take a leadership role on behalf of the people of Plattekill.

Glenn’s work on behalf of Plattekill over the years has been extensive, including his role as Vice President of the Friends of the Plattekill Public Library and his role as a key organizer for Plattekill Day each year.

Glenn is a long-standing resident of Modena with his wife (Kathleen) and two children (Megan and Andrew). He is a lifelong Democrat with a strong set of values consistent with that background – values that relate to education, healthcare, the environment, immigration, among other issues. Values that focus on a government that is for the benefit of the people.

A founding member of Move Forward New York, one of the Hudson Valley’s premier grassroots political organizations, Glenn has a strong record of effective activism, including writing high-profile letters that helped with the release of New Paltz resident Joel Guerrero – showing that activism matters.

In light of the current political climate at the national level, Glenn has become strongly motivated to exercise his first amendment rights and to take any and all steps needed to help get our nation on a path toward progress.

Glenn stands with the people of Plattekill – and he stands for the values of the United States of America.


Glenn speaks at the Free Speech Rally held at the State University of New York at New Paltz.